Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

Jiří Waldhans

The Royal Festival Hall, London

Recording: 22nd October 1966
 This CD contains the very first commercial recording of Jan Novák’s Philharmonic Dances

International Record Review

“[Jan Novák’s] music has hints of Martinů, but also has real character of its own, and the work is well played here: I know of no other recording of it, and lovers of Czech music should try to hear it.”

“…the live sound is excellent…”
International Record Review, April 2009

“…the Philharmonic Dances are a fine example of [Jan Novák’s] work, very well played here. Novák is still badly underrepresented on CD and I am not aware of any other recording of the Philharmonic Dances, so this is all the more welcome … Again, the live sound is excellent, and this disc is particularly worth seeking out for the Nov├ík.”
Nigel Simeone, International Record Review, June 2012

La Scena Musicale Online

“[Dvořák’s 9th Symphony] Why am I listening to a 43-year-old live performance of a symphony I’ve heard more often than Happy Birthday? Because the Brno Philharmonic in 1966 are a real Czech orchestra, unlike the modern soundalikes, and the conductor Jiří Waldhans is unafraid to let his brass let rip in organic style. This may not be everyone’s glass of Pilsner, but I found it marvellously refreshing.”
Norman Lebrecht, La Scena Musicale Online, 19th August 2009

Audiophile Audition

“Engineer and producer Geoffrey Terry has captured Jiří Waldhans at his most colorfully magnanimous, a real cornucopia of sound.” [Rating ★★★★]
Gary Lemco, Audiophile Audition, 26th October 2009

MusicWeb International

“This [Novák] is music of welcome vitality and uninhibited brio.”

“The recording quality is certainly first class and has real clarity and natural balance.”
Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International, April 2010


“I played Terry’s recording of the [Novák] work repeatedly when the CD arrived—it’s so full of life, one can’t tire of it.”
Martin Anderson (proprietor, Toccata Classics), Fanfare 33:5, May/June 2010

American Record Guide

“The great historical recording of this work [Dvořák] is Talich’s from the early 50s. This is as good a performance, and the sound […] is far superior to the Talich. It has a lightness and clarity that is amazing for its age … [This disc] is worth buying for both the Dvořák and the Novák.”
Carl Bauman, American Record Guide , July/August 2010

Customer reviews

“These must be the best sounding recordings ever made in this acoustically troubled venue. Everything is bright, clear and rich, and the performances are outstanding. The Dvořák grips from the very opening and has now become my favorite version of the work [...] Highly recommended.”
Don Hansen, San Francisco on the BBC Music Magazine forum, 13th January 2010

“I’ve listened now twice to the Dvorak 9th on my main hi-fi system, and am pleased to count it as my favourite performance – direct, no putting an ‘interpretation’ on the music, just presenting it as is. Thank you for preserving it, and now presenting it.”
Peter Stanger, conductor and pianist, private correspondence, April 2010

Track listingTime
Antonín Dvořák: Symphony no 9 in E minor (From the New World)40' 49"
1  I Adagio – Allegro molto9' 13"
2 II Largo – un poco più mosso – Largo12' 05"
3III Scherzo: Molto vivace*7' 52"
4 IV Allegro con fuoco11' 38"
Jan Novák: Philharmonic Dances (Choreæ Philharmonicæ)18' 13"
5  I Allegro4' 07"
6 II Moderato6' 07"
7III Vivace7' 58"
Frederick Delius
8Irmelin Prelude5' 13"
9La Calinda (from Koanga)4' 10"
Total time:68' 25"

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