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Orchestral Concert CDs publishes a series of live concert recordings with superlative, award-winning sound quality. Our unique recording process, CNSTR, was employed to create an ‘audio mirror image’ of each original performance, and the spectacular results speak for themselves. Despite their advancing age, these recordings rival the best modern releases, and our review quotations are littered with compliments about our sound quality. Indeed, our 1967 recording of Wanda Wiłkomirska playing Britten’s Violin Concerto (CD12/2011) was described as “demonstration quality” by a former BBC engineer, and that recording recently won an award (see below) that describes its recording technique as “sensational”. So, be sure to explore our range of similarly high quality recordings! If would like to know more about OCCDs, there’s plenty to read on the About page.

New Release

Christmas 2015

CD15/2016 Prokofiev: Classical Symphony
Szymanowski: Symphony Concertante
Brahms: Symphony no 4

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Witold Rowicki
Jan Ekier, piano

Huddersfield Town Hall
3rd April 1967

Orchestral Concert CDs is delighted to announce the publication of a long-awaited and historically important new release in the Virtual Concert Hall Series.

This particular issue consists of a live concert recorded in Huddersfield Town Hall, featuring the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Witold Rowicki.

2014 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of maestro Rowicki, and despite the fact that he died 25 years previously, at the age of 75, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and its management were anxious to use the occasion to celebrate his enormous contribution to the orchestra and to Polish music generally. Indeed, two concerts were given in his honour in October 2014 to mark the event.

This OCCDs disc was produced for the anniversary in direct association with the Warsaw Philharmonic, following the selection of the Huddersfield recording to illustrate maestro Rowicki’s work and his close association with the orchestra. It was also selected because of the technical excellence of the recording, which results in absolutely natural sound, described by the German Record Critics’ Award Association judges as “sensational” (in reference to another recording of the same forces, made in the same week).

A special-edition commemorative booklet, Witold Rowicki in memoriam, was released (in Polish language only) by the orchestra. Taking the form of a small hardback book, the publication was accompanied by a DVD containing a documentary (again, in Polish only) and a CD containing the OCCDs Huddersfield concert recording. Now that the centenary celebrations are over, it has been decided to release a limited number of pressings of the CD in the Virtual Concert Hall Series, incorporating the standard OCCDs style of presentation (with booklet text in English).

As an additional point of interest, 2014 would also have been the 101st anniversary of the birth of the highly respected pianist Jan Ekier, who unfortunately died in August 2014, just a couple of weeks before the date. He participated in the Huddersfield concert as soloist in Szymanowski’s Symphony Concertante.

The entire concert, which opened with a performance of Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony and closed with Brahms’ Symphony no 4, is captured in excellent fidelity, and the performances are a delight, enhanced by the superb recording. We are pleased to be able to confirm that Jan Ekier was sent (and expressed his approval of) a copy of this recording shortly before his death.

WINNER, German Record Critics’ Award

Award-winning recording

5th November 2012

Orchestral Concert CDs is thrilled to have won the prestigious German Record Critics’ Award (Quarterly Critics’ Choice for Q4 2012 in the Historical Recordings category) with CD12/2011.

Translated into English, the award’s verdict about the recording reads:

“Wanda Wiłkomirska presents herself here as one of the great storytellers on the violin. She plays one of the most important concertos of the 20th Century, and the recording technique is sensational. An unrepeatable constellation.”
Wolfgang Wendel

With reference to the award, Wanda Wiłkomirska commented: “Naturally I am delighted about the prize, and very proud.”

Orchestral Concert CDs is particularly pleased that the award acknowledges not only the sublime musical performance but also the exceptional quality of the sound recording.

The “sensational” recording technique referred to in the award verdict – known as CNSTR – is not unique to this disc; as our standard approach, it is used with all recordings in the OCCDs range.

Major Announcement

November 2011

With immediate effect…
The entire range of Orchestral Concert CDs issues has now been commercially pressed to top professional standards of manufacturing quality, and rereleased under the new “Virtual Concert Hall Series” branding.

Previously, the CDs were created on demand by Geoffrey Terry, and were supplied almost exclusively through this site. A recent large order from a distributor, however, provided the financial impetus and incentive to have the discs commercially pressed. They are therefore now available in the same physical format as any other commercial CD, and the opportunity has been taken to provide consistently designed booklets and artwork across the range.

This site has been fully updated to reflect the new range of CDs, which are now supplied shrink-wrapped with clear inner trays and professionally designed, full-colour printed materials throughout. The same designer who created the site has also created the new CDs, ensuring perfect consistency throughout the Orchestral Concert CDs branding.

Also now available is a newly updated FREE Sampler CD, containing an extended, high quality excerpt from each CD in the current range of fourteen discs. Physical copies may be ordered at a low price to cover materials and postage, or the entire disc may be downloaded from this site, including printable inlays and disc label in the same style as the rest of the new range.


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